I don’t know how to say this…

Okay! Hello.. or goodbye? Anyways, my whole experience in the house has been life changing. I’ve made friends, and I don’t think I’ve made any enemies. So, that’s a plus, hah. I thought it would be clever and unique of me to section off what I have to say to everyone. Wish me the best of luck, yeah?

First, to Dani. My curly haired weirdo. The only girl I can love and see myself with. You’ve stuck with me since the beginning and I’m guessing you still stick with me to the end. I’m sorry if things didn’t come to a close like we thought it would, still, I want you in my life and it might not be in that way, but I still want you in it none the less. Come on, you’re my Noodle haired gal pal. The girl who has taught me most of the dance moves I know. Anyways, since this is being recorded and hopefully will be shown to you, I love you. Forever and ever until I die.

Now onto Harry and Louis. You’ve got a beautiful daughter, you both obviously are in love with each and will grow old together, and as a bonus, you got married. I knew you two would sooner or later, but that is beside the case. You both are my best mates and I wish you all the best. Hopefully, Uncle Liam will get to play with baby Grace more, keep her innocent and pure in all the right ways. Haha, okay I am getting off topic. We’re still One Direction, so this message to you two is pointless, but dear god this is for a different situation which we don’t usually do. I love you both very much and let us be mates until we grow old, or die. We’ll all share a grave. Harry, Louis, Me, Niall, and Zayn. Together. Haha, that’s creepy. Okay, I LOVE YOU!

To Zayn and Nialler. You’re both my b words. No, just kidding! Nialler, never change, buddy! Keep being the carefree mofo that you are and an angel. I know we’ve had our… moments, but I still love you forever. Niam is real, but in a bromance… lust that needed to be resolved… kind of way! Doesn’t mean you aren’t in the category of people who lighten up my day! Zayn! I see you and Eleanor. I’m happy for you two. I kinda always sensed something between you two. It’s beautiful to me. I’m happy to see you two finally got together. Just, share you hair products, Okay, Zayn? Eleanor! Dress him up good and keep him grounded, ya hear?

Now for Ky lee! You chav. You silly Jenner. My favorite Jenner. You’re like the sister that I always wanted to have. The younger sister that got on my nerves sometimes, but was the one who also… Never mind, you’ve just been a pain in my bum all the time and nothing meaningful. Not that I don’t appreciate that you have been a pain in my bum! You’re a good kid, don’t try to grow up too fast! You’re very mature even if you are a little girl and you’re wiser than little ole’ me and Lou combined. Love ya chav sista!

And to save the best for last, Nicholas. It’s funny isn’t? People never know who they really belong with and the person could be right under their nose… or, right in front of them. S-Sorry..I’m really shit at this. S-Sorry! Language.. I can’t believe I’m so nervous and you aren’t even near me. So, this is what being in love feels like? I want to keep this forever and ever then. The feeling is scary, but it’s worth feeling if it’s for you. Truth is, I never expected us to… be like how we are now. Don’t tell me you didn’t either! Hah, anyways, I can be myself around you and I really love that…

To everyone else! I’m sorry we couldn’t talk as much! Hopefully, we can all keep in contact! We’re a family and even though we’ve been in hell.. house of hell.. Hah, doesn’t mean this house has broken us apart. I feel it has brought us closer actually… This whole experience has been a long journey, but this journey is finally ending and I couldn’t be happier to say I’m glad I obtained a family from it… It was a fun time, sad it has to end.

Here, have some Emsy Memes.

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“Coca-cola world!”


Let me marvel at this.


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Emsy is a lesbian.


My god, Rita… cover up.


For Emsy.

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turning page

i’ve waited a hundred years.
but i’d wait a million more for you.

i surrender who i’ve been for who you are,
for nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart.

with a whisper, we will tame the vicious seas.
like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees…